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Thinking of getting into Barbering?

Are you a stylist, school leaver or thinking of a career change? Men's Grooming has never been so popular!

  • Male Grooming is one of the fastest growing industries in the UK.
  • Men take a real pride in appearance due to greater media coverage of male fashion trends.
  • Barbering has expanded to cover more than just cutting, with many salons offering full grooming services, colouring and styling. 

Why become a Barber

  1. Career opportunities: Endless!
  2. Hairdressing is the number one feel good job: There are few jobs that give you the opportunity to help someone look amazing.
  3. Travel the world: Take your skills on a trip. Stylists and Barbers are needed everywhere!
  4. Be your own boss: Open a Salon, be a freelance or session Stylist, Barber.
  5. Everyday is different: No two days the same, face new challenges create new looks.
  6. Never out of work: New technology will come and go but hair will continue to grow. Clients will always invest regardless of the economy.