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Apprenticeship Programmes

Great! What you may not know is that you do not have to stay on at school at the end of year 11 you have the following choices to continue your education.

  • You can complete a Traineeship or Apprenticeship with Central @ PH Academy or another provider
  • You can complete a fulltime study programme with Central @ PH Academy or another college
  • You can stay at school for 6th form or apply to another school for 6th form

Apprenticeships are Government funded programmes available to trainees entering hairdressing for the first time and is freely available to learners up to the age of 24. Funding for learners over 25 is limited generally requiring trainee or employer contribution.*


To prepare you fully for the apprenticeship you will start your learning journey by completing around three months on a Traineeship with one of our brilliant employers. During this time you will gain employment experience, confidence and excellent customer service skills that will give you everything you need to succeed as an apprentice.

At the end of the Traineeship the employer will interview you for your Apprenticeship.


Hairdressing & Barbering

You will have either completed a Traineeship or you may have been working in a salon as Saturday staff prior to starting the apprenticeship. Once you start your apprenticeship you will be employed as a full-time member of the busy salon team and be paid at least the National Minimum Wage for Apprentices which is currently £ 4.15 per hour. This is a great opportunity for you to earn while you learn and there is no other training route that will pay you to learn.

The Traineeship and Apprenticeship will take around 18 months when you will have the opportunity to progress to Barbering or an Advanced Apprenticeship at Level 3.

Advanced Apprenticeship

Hairdressing & Barbering

Progression from the Apprenticeship

This is also funded by the Government with the same restrictions to learners over the age of 24.

The NVQ at Level 3 is about expanding your skills and knowledge to deal with more complex working, such as colour correction, avant guard styling, cutting, colouring, gents shaving, pattern design, fading technique and improving your consultation skills.

At this Level you will improve your Maths and English to Level 2.

The Advanced Apprenticeship will allow you to expand your knowledge to a limited supervisory level, supporting other trainees.

Eligibility – You will need to have completed NVQ Level 2 or have 10 years experience and must be working a minimum or 16 hours per week.

Learner Support

As well as offering the very best Hairdressing training, Central @ PH Academy offer excellent support for all learners. If you need help with your Numeracy or Literacy or have any other support needs, we are here to help you.

  • Mentoring
    To encourage learners to achieve we understand there may be external factors that may disrupt or prolong their achievement, therefore, we offer a mentoring service. Qualified mentors are based at our sites in Faversham and Canterbury to provide support and guidance to those who are experiencing problems either at college, in-work or at home that could affect their course progression. All information passed onto our mentors is dealt with in the strictest confidence. Regular support is given to the learner and access to external support if needed.
  • Safeguarding
    We believe every learner has the right to learn and work in a safe environment and have someone they can rely on. All learning environments and workplaces are checked to ensure they are a safe environment for learners and staff. To ensure that learners are safety aware they complete a health and safety introduction to both their workplace and the college and this is updated throughout their course.
  • Equality and Diversity
    We aim to provide an environment that promotes equality and diversity. It is paramount to us that staff and students work actively to overcome discrimination on grounds of age, transgender, married or civil partnership, pregnancy, disability, race, religion or belief, sex, sexual orientation or status.